Press and Interviews


Risk Based Testing: Q/A with Jenny Bramble MoQuality, April 3, 2018

Women in Test: Jenny Bramble

Continuous Testing Live (podcast) March 18, 2019

Digital Anarchist (video) April 26, 2019

Conference and Session Recaps

Hard Facts: What I learned going to the Haertifacts Conference Jenna Quindica, Heartifacts 2017

Diversity in conference speakers == new ideas, more learning Lisa Cripsin, CAST 2018

We’re not as different as you might think. Noel Wurst, CAST 2018

Risk Based Testing – a #PNSQC Live Blog, Micheal Larsen, PNSQC 2018


Videos of Talks

Risk Based Testing: Because You Can’t Do Everything Ministry of Testing TestBash 2018 (requires membership)

Risk Based Testing: Communicating WHY You can’t Test Everything Quality Jam 2018 (requires email. Talk rated top 5 of all the talks at the conference)

Communicating Risk Heartifacts 2018